Spice Bodega is a large wholesale spices and dried goods cash and carry market located on the corner of 8th St. and Central Ave. in downtown Los Angeles. The Bodega sells chiles in Los Angeles and herbs and spices.

We carry an expansive list of products from chiles to exotic spices to herbs to Mexican specialty products. We directly import from the source and we pass along those cost savings to our customers. 

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Our History


Visit us or give us a call to discuss our Food Service solutions. We provide restaurants all around Southern California with herbs, spices, chiles, and dried goods. 

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​Wholesale Spices

We are family-owned business that has been in the import and distribution business in downtown Los Angeles for decades. We are committed to high quality dried goods from around the world.

Spice Bodega

​1244 E 8th St.,

Los Angeles, CA 90021